Understanding Revelation 4-5 with free and yet powerful sermons

One of the many reasons why I believe in God is through the study of Bible prophecies mainly written in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Back in high school years, I was fascinated by how the major events in human history were unfolded and continue to unfurl as predicted in the Bible.

Twenty years later as I continue to study these prophetic books, my mind is brought upon the scenes in the heavenly throne as what John saw in the visions given to him in the island of Patmos. This study makes me more excited to be part of those thousands of ten thousands of people praising God in that soon glorious celebration!

In this article, I am going to share with you sermons that are free and available on the Internet that helped me enrich my study on this matter.

Revelation 4-9 by Kameron DeVasher

This audio sermon (please use the link in case the above frame does not show up) will give you an overview of what’s happening in Revelation chapters 4-9. It does not delve much into the details of each of the symbolism but is essential in order to get started and get excited to know and see Jesus in those visions. Although it is an overview, but there’s a lot to digest in it. In fact, one-time of listening to it is not enough for me.

Having an overview of what each section of the visions in Revelation helped me in many ways. First, it gives me the main and right message of the book of Revelation. Second, many of the details in the prophetic visions make sense once you get the overall picture. There are no fragmented sections that are separated from the other prophecies. Third, getting the overview first means seeing Jesus as the primary focus instead of the “terrifying beasts and the 666”.

What Did Not Happen At The Cross by Pastor Ivor Myers

This sermon explains how God the Father struggled to see His Son dying on the cross. He cannot come down to save His Son, Jesus, because of His deep love to the people by whom Jesus died at the cross, else people will die because of His glory. But the same people whom He loves are the very same ones who put His Son to death.

In Revelation 4, we can see that even Himself, the Father, cannot open the scroll that contains the destiny of mankind. The moment He does without shedding of the blood is the end for humanity. At that moment, He was restraining Himself to open that scroll. Fortunately, the Son overcame through the cross and thus humanity has a bright future. This sermon is fascinating, a must!

The 24 Elders (Part 5/6) by Pastor Stephen Bohr

Although this video is about answering of who the 24 elders are in the visions in Revelation, it gives listeners powerful insights as it explains the throne of God as seen in Revelation chapters 4 and 5.

I suggest that you listen to this sermon in your quiet hour. I guarantee that you will temporarily forget about the cares of this earth to see a glimpse of heaven. After listening to this, I told myself “I wanted to be one of those traveling from earth to heaven with Jesus to meet the Father, the four living creatures, and the 24 elders waiting for the redeemed!” Imagine yourself crossing the beautiful universe and galaxies holding hands with your family together with all the countless redeemed from all the history of humanity. Oh, what a wonderful great day that will be!

“To My Father, and Your Father” – Desire of Ages ch87

Revelation 4-5 is about Jesus ascension to heaven after accomplishing His saving work for humanity. Ellen White has beautiful commentary on this glorious event. Below are some quotes to hopefully inspire you to read that last chapter of Desire of Ages:

“All heaven was waiting to welcome the Saviour to the celestial courts. As He ascended, He led the way… The heavenly host, with shouts and acclamations of praise and celestial song, attended the joyous train. As they drew near to the city of God, the challenge is given by the escorting angels,

“Lift up your heads, O ye gates;
And be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors;
And the King of glory shall come in.

She not only described that glorious entry to that heavenly throne but also provided answers to some questions such as:

  • Who are the four living creatures?
  • Who are the 24 elders seated on the 24 thrones?

I praised God that He is using different ordinary people to let His gospel make known to you and me. That way, fanaticism to a single pastor or spiritual leader is avoided, the focus is on Jesus and His message and not on the messengers.

May you be blessed by these sermons and that your study of the prophecies in Revelation will be more fruitful and exciting as ever.

Do you have other resources that help you understand better the visions in Revelation chapters 4-5? Share it to us and also things that you learned using the comment box below.