7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Read The Book of Revelation

1. Because it is the Revelation of Jesus

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to shew unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John…” Revelation 1:1 KJV.

The Book of Revelation is not a revelation of John (the writer of the book), nor a revelation of any Nostradamus-kind-of a fortune teller or novelist. The writer himself made it clear right at the very first verse that the book is a revelation of Jesus to His followers. Jesus wanted His believers to know the things that will happen in the last days, and even beyond it.

If you love Jesus and call upon His name in your helpless hours, then it is only fair that you spend the time to study His revelation specially written for you. He had done His part–the revealing of the final events. Our task is to understand it so we are well-guided whatever comes our way.

2. Because it is specially written for us, the people in the end times

If this is your first time to study the book of Revelation, you might probably be surprised that there is another book that is always associated with it–and that’s the book of Daniel which was written hundreds of years prior to the writing of Revelation. Amazingly, they complement each other.

The books of Daniel and Revelation share the same theme. The book of Daniel likewise displays God’s wisdom and unique attribute of foretelling the major events that will occur from the time of Daniel up to these last days, and even beyond our generation in a very precise manner. No other being can do that! In fact, that is one of His challenges to those who are claiming to be God– to foretell the future without glitches nor flaws.

God knows that the end time will be a time of confusion. Coupled with their good works, there will be false teachers who will rationalize sin and make it acceptable to the point of putting their teachings into laws of nations, thus many are deceived. But He gave us a guide–the Bible. Everything we need to know to be prepared is in that Guide. And part of that Guide is Jesus’ revelation of the future especially written for us.

If you profess that Jesus is your Master, then you should read His revelation especially written for you who are living in the last days.

3. Because the enemy is pounding us with twisted apocalyptic messages through entertainment and other media

Most writers in Hollywood are quite successful to tell you that the Book of Revelation is a scary one. And if you are that type of person reading or has interest on these topics, you are labeled as doomsday fanatics or alarmists. And so people are not only hesitant to read this book but also resisting it as though there is some kind of stigma attached to it.

But think of this: Why do most movie makers use the themes in Revelation on their films? Why do most movies with apocalyptic narratives always make more money? It is because people are actually interested in the things of the future. But people are getting the apocalyptic version of the enemy: that there is no all-powerful God of the Bible who can end all the wickedness, and that no other than humanity alone can bring this world into peace and paradise through science, technology, and spiritualism or witchcraft.

So before your mind is fed by twisted and gnostic-saturated last day fairytales, before you waste your time and money for supporting myths and hopeless future-telling, why not start reading to where the timeless prophecies are proven to be truthful, irrefutable and 100% reliable? The Book of Revelation is a book of truth, love, and hope. Not a single time is wasted from reading it. Best of all it is free!

4. Because most Christian preachers are not making determined efforts for you to understand it

Many religious leaders nowadays will tell you that this book is only for the scholars and historians as if one should have a master study or doctorate in divinity in order to understand it. That should not be the case. Jesus’ revelation is for everyone, including the ordinary people like you and me.

If the Book of Revelation is from Jesus Himself and if it is His special letter for the people of the end times, why then most Christians nowadays are not discussing it in their churches?

Some preach that everything in the book had already passed in the very first century of the Christian era (Preterist View) and so it does not matter now. Some believe that those prophecies will happen in the far future and thus it is not that so important for now (Futurist).

If a church does not understand Jesus’ revelation, it means that the Holy Spirit is not working in them. Ask your pastors/priests/ministers why they are not discussing this book given the fact that it is Jesus’ revelation to His followers in these end times?

It is also possible that some churches are negatively portrayed in the book, and so naturally, they will not have the efforts to teach it to their patrons. They will discourage everyone to read it. They will never tackle it in their worship services.

But the first chapter and first verse of the book is telling us that the Book of Revelation is indeed paramount and compelling to study by any professed Christian. Satan is actually quite successful in diverting us from what we really need to know. He will do everything to hinder us from studying this unique book. Will you let Satan succeed on this? If not, then start studying the Book of Revelation.

5. Because it will help you see the life in the last days with a meaningful perspective

The Bible tells us that in the last days those who are wicked will triple their desire for wickedness. The lack of compassion will be felt everywhere. That is why many immoralities are becoming a norm and well-accepted nowadays.

Also, the Book of Revelation predicted that there will be one system of falsehoods that majority (billions) will follow, and it will persecute those “who keep the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus” (Revelation 12:17). People are confused because of the lack of knowledge in God’s word. These are indeed gloomy scenarios.

But the prophecy does not end there. It actually finishes with the triumphant victory of the believers led by the Son of God. It ends with the saints living in the sinless new heavens and new earth.

And so, however gruesome happens to us in the future, or to our bodies, these are nothing compared to what God has for us. He will give our life back and turn our physical body into a glorious one (Philippians 3:21)–forever. The only thing we need to do is to make sure that we are always abiding in the Him– our Great Vine (John 15:4).

The Revelation of Jesus tells us that “yes, because of sin, lawlessness and gloomy days are ahead and it might heinously hit you. But trust Me. I saw exactly what will happen, and those who stick with Me will be resurrected if they die, be triumphant, and will live with Me forever”.

Do you want a life full of hope amidst this chaotic and terror-stricken age? Then start reading the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is full of hope!

6. Because it is simply awesome to read!

Characteristics of the last days oppressing power

Let me share an example of why I found the Book of Revelation really exciting to read. In Revelation 13, it speaks of a Beast from the Sea who will rule the world against the followers of God.

Daniel 7 also mentions a Little Horn who will do exactly the same persecuting activities against the followers of God. In fact, by comparing the language descriptions used, we can firmly conclude that the two entities (Beast from the Sea and the Little Horn), although from different books and written with a huge gap of years, are pointing to the same power.

In some versions of the Bible, the “a time, and times, and the dividing of time” and also the “42 months” are correctly translated as “1,260 days” which tells us that indeed both prophecies from different books are pointing to the same persecuting entity.

So this oppressing power is described as the Little Horn. In Bible’s prophetic language, ‘horn’ means ‘king or kingdom’ (see Daniel 7:24, Revelation 17:12). In our modern day setting, this is equivalent to a nation or country. So ‘Little Horn’ means ‘Little Kingdom’ or ‘Little Nation’.

Moreover, this persecuting power is actually the same power described as the Whore Woman in Revelation 17.

“And the woman that you saw is the great city that has dominion over the kings of the earth.”

What do we get so far?

  • persecuting power
  • little nation or small country
  • a city, great city (a country, but also considered as a city)
  • followed by many leaders of the world
  • has dominion over leaders of this earth

Thus, this persecuting power is actually a nation-city, very small in its geographical area. But she has dominion over the “kings of the earth”, or the leaders of many nations are following and highly respecting the leader of this ‘little’ entity. Interesting, isn’t it?

Could it be the ISIS? Let’s see.

Does the ISIS persecute people? Yes! Does the country where it resides small in size compared to other nations? Does its geographical area consider as a country and a city at the same time? No. Does it have dominion over leaders of the world? Not at all. And so, ISIS cannot be it.

Remember, ALL the characteristics must fit in. Can you name an earthly power that persecuted a lot in the history of humanity, but still being followed by billions including leaders of many nations until today? The seat of this power must be ‘little’ or small in its geographical scope. It is a country and a city at the same time.

There you go. You already started your journey of knowing the powers that play big roles in the events of the future! Now go ahead and read the rest of the prophecies. It is indeed interesting and awesome to read!

7. Because readers will surely be blessed

“Remember, I am coming soon! God will bless everyone who pays attention to the message of this book.” Revelation 22:7 CEV.

“God will bless everyone who reads this prophecy to others, and he will bless everyone who hears and obeys it. The time is almost here.” Revelation 1:3 CEV.

If we love Jesus, if we profess to be His servants, if we call His name, would it be fair to Him that we read His revelation especially dedicated to us?

Here’s a website that can assist you in understanding the book better, or you can send us comments or a private message if you need more help on this topic. May we always ask the help of the Holy Spirit as we study His Word. God bless!