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Watch: million-dollar robot-god delivers his first public preaching

Men never cease to make his own god.

GiGadgets posted a video of a Japanese robot modeled after Kannon, Buddhist god of mercy.

This god is unique and quite advanced compared with his predecessors in terms of technology, he is a robot.

The robot-god can already preach a sermon from the Heart Sutras and do Buddhist chanting and prayers. Buddhist monks are seen bowing to him in the video.

Osaka University reportedly spent almost a million US dollars to put the robot-god in action. He is now preaching in public.

As this one is another display of “men making his own god” and “bowing to idols” and that this happens in the end times, but this is nevertheless not the image of the beast where millions will be forced to worship as Revelation 13 has foretold.

This shows how weak and desperate we are in looking for someone we can lean on, a god that will help and protect us. But it also reveals our stubbornness and foolishness; because the God that we are looking for is only a prayer away and that we keep on intentionally ignoring Him.

We need to expect more like this as we are nearing the closing of probation.

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